It is not what we do, but how we do it. And it works.


Community-identified challenges drive our work

Our approach is different, sustainable, and effective.

We exist because there is a need to work together. We are less without these communities, and these communities are becoming successful because we work together. This respectful, humble approach leads everyone to prosper.

Sasa Harambee first builds relationships, then listens to community leaders. We respond to community-identified needs and facilitate innovative solutions with sustainable outcomes. In this way, we are not a lifeline, we are a neighbor and a partner.

Our experience shows that long term change occurs when individual and community investments of time and economic resources, along with strategic partnerships and training, leads to self-governance

We are a team of dedicated people--from Kenya, the United States, Europe, and around the world--addressing injustices and inequalities facing developing communities.



we help develop the foundation on which communities can be self-sufficient.

we help develop the foundation on which communities can be self-sufficient.

Change through self-governance.

Core to our mission and vision are:

  • Transferring of knowledge through community-driven training programs, 
  • Fostering of local leadership, and 
  • Establishing economically sustainable businesses. 

These approaches require innovation on many levels. Innovation comes from local knowledge, as much as through the people and partners who engage with Sasa Harambee to serve Kenya. Through capital investment, cost sharing with local participants, and by supporting community leaders, we ensure that the necessary resources for each initiative can be found. 

Further, every project we support is carefully designed with the aim of on-going community involvement. That engagement provides each project the highest potential outcome of self-sufficiency and economic and environmental sustainability.